Dustin Tanner

I'm a self-taught designer living in Alabama. I've created companies, raised funding, led teams and launched products, but design is my passion — particularly mobile UI/UX. I'm a problem solver, minimalist, purist, and I obsess over details.

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Concepts & Misc.


New Portfolio Site

As most designers know, creating a portfolio site is difficult because we continually have new ideas as we work on the current idea that usually keeps us from finishing said current idea. This has been my plight for the past couple of years. Well, that and the fact that I’ve been extremely busy working...

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My First Tattoo

I finally got my first tattoo after wanting one for over a decade. It took me a long time, too long, to pull the trigger. I was apprehensive for the normal reasons: the permanence, indecision about what art to get, finding the right artist, etc. But there was one main factor, perfection. I am a perfectionist and few tattoos...

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