Caffè Macs App Concept


During my interview process for the Human Interface team at Apple, I was asked to design an iOS 13 app for Apple's cafeteria, Caffè Macs. I used the opportunity to refamiliarize myself with Sketch and learn SwiftUI. I created a design that leveraged only iOS patterns and styles. I built a working app to demonstrate the user flows. I detailed my process, the design, and demo in a Keynote presentation.

After researching all public information on Caffè Macs, I sketched ideas for the app design

I used Sketch app to leverage the iOS design system components, typography, materials, styles, and iconography.

The main view of the app allows users to browse specials and menu items for their particular location.

A dish context menu allows users to quickly checkout or hide dishes from the list.

Dish details view provides users with an description for each dish highlighting important dietery details.

The checkout view allows users to quickly confirm their dish, location, and pickup time.

A focused confirmation view allows users to clearly confirm their order and pickup information.

I built the app with SwiftUI which allowed me to demo the flow and test features like environment modes and Dynamic Type.