Responsive Web App


While leading the product design team at Universe, I was also the lead product designer for their all new web app. This brought the experience of Universe’s iOS app to any device allowing anyone to create, customize, and publish a website in minutes.

To get started, users create an account, choose a template, and make edits.

After editing, users choose a domain name. If it's a premium domain, they see a plan subscription confirmation before paying.

Users can use a variety of tools to customize template elements including links, typography, buttons, and icons.

Users can also customize their site's background, spacing, and element order.

Template elements can be resized by dragging a selection handle.

Users can add element blocks to their site while maintaining access to site settings and help.

I created this set of product icons to align with the Universe brand.

Site List and Editor

Site List – Large Viewport

Editor – Large Viewport